Bags are redeemable items found throughout the map. You must be level 12 or up to use bags/skins, but you still obtain the bags you find. There are 10 types of bags, including event types for Halloween, Christmas, and the '100 Million Visits' Milestone. Once obtained, you can "open" bags by going to the skins tab and clicking them. Both skins and bags can be traded with other players. They cannot spawn in V.I.P. servers.

Common Bag Edit

Common Bag

Bright red. Spawns on small buildings.

Uncommon Bag Edit


Bright green. Spawns on medium/small buildings.

Rare BagEdit

Rare Bag

Bright purple. Can spawn anywhere, but mostly found in the Vertex area.

Epic BagEdit

Epic Bag

Bright teal. Spawns mostly in hard-to-reach places and on higher buildings, but has a chance of spawning anywhere. Can also be earned by getting level 120.

Legendary BagEdit

Legendary Bag

Bright yellow with thin neon yellow sides. Spawns mostly in hard-to-reach places and on higher buildings like the Vertex tower around every 2 hours. Has a chance to spawn anywhere.

Ultimate BagEdit

Solid black middle and neon red sides. Spawns on high buildings in certain hard to reach places around every 4 hours. One of the most difficult bags which you can find in the game. Can spawn in 6 different locations.

Resplendent Bag Edit


Solid black middle and multi-colored rainbow sides. Spawns in random places and is near IMPOSSIBLE to find. Can also be earned through reaching level 300.

Event Bags Edit

[Unavailable]Halloween Bag- Easy to find. Gives Halloween rarity skins.

[Unavailable]Christmas Bag- Easy to find. Gives Christmas rarity skins.

[Unavailable] Limited Bag - A bit hard to find, has a chance to spawn anywhere, gives out Limited rarity skins. Released in celebration of the 100 million visits milestone..

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