One of the more notable players in Parkour, Clockenspiel, is for the most part recognized by his lower than average wallboost speed. Clockenspiel has a constant boost time of around 25-45 ms. Clockenspiel, also known as Nathan started playing Parkour in September of 2018. Clockenspiel has been confronted by the staff team in the past, as they suspected he was using third party software to gain an unfair advantage while wallboosting. Clockenspiel was able to prove his innocence with proof showing that he was legitimate.

On the 19th of January 2019, Clockenspiel purchased a new keyboard (the Razer Blackwidow Elite wired keyboard) and his boost speed more or less stayed the same, only worsening by a few ms.

Clockenspiel's previous keyboard: CYBERPOWER PC Multimedia Professional Wired Gaming Keyboard

Clockenspiel's current keyboard: Razer BlackWidow Elite.

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