Parkour has a variety of things to do all around the city, such as exploring the map or simply free roaming.

Gloves help you gain altitude from wallclimb boosts and have longer wallruns. They are necessary to progress parkour at a normal pace, instead of having no gear and free roaming that way, which is inefficient both height and distance wise.

== Attainable Gloves ==

Glove (Level 5)


This is the first glove. It has a red main color, and black secondary color. The height multiplier is 14.

Black Glove (Level 15)


This glove's color is reversed from the default Glove. Black becomes the main color, and red secondary color. Thicker connection. Not affected by settings color. the height multiplier is 16.

Master Glove (Finish the Advanced Tutorial)


This glove looks like Black Glove, but it has a blue secondary color and the connection is even thicker. The height multiplier is 18.

Custom Glove (Level 45


Color becomes black and the secondary is the settings color. The design is like the first glove, with the connection being in a criss cross shape. The height multiplier is 19

Praxis Glove (Level 60)


The design is very different from the previous ones. Main color is black and secondary is affected by settings color. Slanted front blocks and new side design. The height multiplier is 21.

Prime Glove (Level 120)

Crown(s) design. Main color is whatever your settings color is. Secondary color is black. The height multiplier is most

Screen Shot 2020-08-20 at 2.56.54 PM

This glove [when affected by glowing glove] will glow and gain the Duality trail, and will have tiny crowns come off of it. Height multiplier is 21.5.

Duality Glove (Level 150)


Another redesign on the side. Black main color and symbols are on the glove, with a serrated edge on it. The height multiplier is 22.


Artifice Glove (Level 200)


Just an aesthetic glove, wallboost power is same as Duality Glove.

Glove looks like a pattern not unlike a foreign item, with the side of the glove having but a diamond dot.

Black main color and secondary affected by settings color.

Sybaritic Glove (Level 250)

Just an aesthetic glove, wallboost power is same as Duality Glove.

Main color of the glove is black, and secondary being affected by settings color. You can make the glove rainbow by holding down your alt trick key bind and your interact keybind to activate it. (this will also make your GUI hud rainbow colored.)

'''Cosmetic Gloves''

Glowing Glove (Level 100)

The Glowing Glove emit colored particles out of your hand or give your glove a trail and/or makes your glove glow, with the color being dependent on the user's settings color. Can be used in conjunction with any other glove.

Unobtainable Gloves & Other

Red Glove

The Red Glove was a green block that only covered the front of your arm. It was the same wallclimb boost height as gloveless. Oddly enough the red glove was green. 

Red Glove: (Without Glowing Glove)
Screen Shot 2020-06-16 at 2.18.31 PM
Red Glove: (With Glowing Glove)
Screen Shot 2020-06-16 at 2.21.07 PM
EVO Glove

The EVO glove is a gamepass item that can be currently bought for 300 robux. It bridges the two power levels from the user's most recent glove unlock to the next tier of glove.

One of the designs (at right) is best described as a bunch of tubes surrounding a glowing rod and ball, with branches occuring at the top of the glove.

Along with actively bridging the power levels, the design changes along with how high a users level is. Since the last two gloves are cosmetic, the last level of glove is an in-between of the Duality and Praxis, making it useless once the player acquires Duality.

The glove is recommended for players under the level of 120(*Before we don't have prime glove is level 150), as it can help combat against any gear grinding, as well as increasing wallrun and wallclimb distance. Not recommended for people over level 120, unless the design aspect of the game interests them enough.

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