Basic Information Edit

The Mag Rail is a piece of gear which goes on your off-hand. It is unlocked at level 120.

What It Does Edit

The Mag Rail is occupied on the left hand. It doubles your wall run duration, and allows the ability to freeze in place while wall running on the users left side indefinitely. After using this ability on the left side, the user will not be able to continue the wall run on that same side, and can simply hang on the wall and think about your next move, however, this gets rid of a combo that you might have.

The Mag Rail also allows the user to reach maximum velocity instantly by preforming a drop down and sliding on the edge of a building.

As of 1.7, hitting the Interaction key [starts as E; can be changed by going to keybinds] while on a wall with the mag rail equipped allows the user to Mag Bounce, launching you sideways. This can be useful in getting some distance in races, or for cancelling falls. With use of this Mag Bounce, it can be used to cancel otherwise an important roll for a bit of speed and distance. It also lengthens upwards momentum, allowing the player to climb higher if they use it right.

The Mag Bounce can also kill you if you fall for extreme distances, this is useful for re-spawning faster.

It is very useful in time trials as the Mag Rail can supply long wall runs with the added mag bounce ability.

Prior to the 1.7 update, the Mag Rail wasn't considered very flexible in normal parkour use, and only good in certain situations. Now, because of the Mag Bounce, it rivals the Grappler for best gear. The Mag Rail also gives the user an ability to slide down edges faster.


The mag rail from its behind view


The mag rail from its front view

Mag Rail Bounce Demonstration

Mag Rail Bounce Demonstration

Mag rail bounce demonstration

Mag Rail Hanging Demonstration

Mag Rail Hanging Demonstration

Mag rail hanging after a wall run demonstration

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