Basic Information Edit

The mag rope is unlocked at level 12, and is the first secondary gear item a player can unlock. It can be used in conjunction with any type of glove and/or equipment item.

It allows the user to grapple at certain mag points placed around the map, opening more paths or areas that one initially might not reach normally without the rope. These mag points are sphere like reflective orbs located all over the map

How to use Edit

When a user wearing the mag rope is in the area of a grapple spot, a text saying [ATTACH [E*] will appear in the center bottom of the screen. Pressing the interact key [E] will attach a rope to the grapple point, at which the user can swing around the grapple spot from a certain distance. To detach from the grapple spot, The user presses the SPACE key to let go from the spot, where the player is then free to move. It is useful to newer players

*Or other keybind set by the player.

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