Ranks are an in-game feature where you can achieve a higher ranking relative to other players. The rank you have will be shown on the default player leaderboard.

When a player reaches a certain level, they can attain a rank. Each rank multiplies your point gain by a significant amount. Those with a higher rank will earn more points compared to someone with a lower rank.

Dunce/Cheater Edit

Dunce/Cheater is a title a player obtains when they cheat in Parkour, whether this is exploiting glitches or outright using scripts. This title gives the player a chat tag and a very large dunce cap which greatly limits gameplay. Oddly enough, moderators/admins are willing to grant this title to players who request it, even if they haven't broken the rules.

Novice Edit

Level 5. Awards player with a common bag.

Intermediate Edit

Level 10. Awards player with a common bag.

Adept Edit

Level 15. Awards player with a common bag.

Advanced Edit

Level 20. Awards player with a common bag

Expert Edit

Level 25. Awards player with "Parkour Expert" badge and an uncommon bag.

Professional Edit

Level 30.

Master Edit

Level 40. Awards player with "Parkour Master" badge

Ace Edit

Level 50.

Hero Edit

Level 60.

Lord Edit

Level 70.

Legend Edit

Level 80. Awards player with "Parkour Legend" badge and a rare bag.

God Edit

Level 90. Awards player with "Parkour God" badge.

Deity Edit

Level 120. awards the player with an epic bag.

Titan Edit

Level 150.

Vanguard Edit

Level 200.

Sentinel Edit

Level 250.

Archon Edit

Level 300. Awards the player with a Resplendent Bag.

VET Edit

A special tag given to players who started playing the game since the first reset in September 2017. Sometimes it bugs out.

S-VET Edit

A very special tag given to players who played e game in it's first playable betas.


A very special tag given to players who are extremely skilled at the game and people with community influence. Normally, people with this tag are people who are known by hudzell. Do not ask for this tag.

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