Parkour's entire map is divided into a couple districts, each with their own spawn for users to discover. It's purpose is to ease the travel time a user might take when they want to free run in a certain part of the map.

They're identified by the red glass windows and light grey metal pillars, with some sites even having a climbable crane.

Here are all of the spawns and where they are.


The regular spawn where nearly every player spawns in. Do you even need a picture of it?

Downtown SiteEdit

RobloxScreenShot20190507 174652548

The Downtown Site's spawn point color

This most likely is the first spawn you have discovered. This spawn is very close to the WEST sign.

Hilton Site Edit

RobloxScreenShot20190507 174713364

The Hilton Site's spawn point color

This spawn is very close to the Spawn and the most common way to get there is with a Mag

Northern Site Edit

RobloxScreenShot20190507 174722173

The Northern Site's spawn point color

The Northern Site is near Crest Tower and is not near the NORTH sign, despite its name.

Crest Site Edit

RobloxScreenShot20190507 174738859

The Crest Site's spawn point color

The Crest Site is very close to a zip line that leads to Crest Tower, which is the highest point in the game.

Vertex Site Edit


The Vertex Site's spawn point color

The Vertex Site is next to a building that contains the Vertex Tower time trial and a zipline that leads to Vertex Tower.

Office Site


The Office Site's spawn point color

The Office Site is North of the South sign, which is the direction the block on the crane at spawn is going. If you go on top of the building straight ahead from the block on the spawn crane, it is easy to see.
RobloxScreenShot20200723 122554497

The Park Site's spawn point color.

Park Site Edit

The Park Site is one of the two spawns included in the 1.7.1 expansion, and near the keypad used to unlock Gemini.

RobloxScreenShot20200803 090218908

The Arch Site's spawn point color.

Arch Site Edit

The Arch Site is one of the two spawns added in the 1.7.1 expansion. It is located near a huge arch with 2 zip lines 'supporting' it.

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