The Spring kit is an equipment gear that is first unlocked at level 22. When equipped on the user, its model resembles a gray backpack, with it's outside pockets displaying some collapsed springboards.

It's primary purpose is to set up an object that a player can springboard off of, and can be done anywhere to assist in wall climbing or crossing gaps.

The springboard's limitations are shared with the zip-line's, being that you can only place down 3 springboards at once, and are activated and removed by pressing their 'Back Gear' keybind over the area they reside in.

Usage Edit

  1. The user equips the Spring kit from the gear tab, and goes to a spot they want to springboard off of.
  2. The cursor is placed over where the user wants the springboard to be, and presses *X.
  3. If done correctly, a springboard model will appear where the cursor pointed to.

The springboards from the springboard kit act as if they are nonsolid, as they cannot be vaulted off of or moved. The only way they can influence the player is if they choose to springboard off of it.

They provide more height when springboarded off of compared to other objects. The springboards are useful for beginning a challenging wallclimb up a tall wall. They do not affect jump height or long jumps in any way when placed at the edge of a building.

You can also use this kit to assist other players who may be inexperienced and/or do not have the Spring Kit themselves. The springs can be used by anyone, and you can use it to help a following player climb walls or make gaps that they currently aren't skilled enough for. This can help them reach and explore new areas, but they will have to learn new tactics (Such as High Jumps and Long Jumps) eventually so they don't require your assistance.

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