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About Apocryptix Edit

Apocryptix ( now known as afterhrs on ROBLOX ) is a professional ROBLOX Parkour player and a part-time Youtuber. He is one of the few elite players in the game, given to him by developer Hudzell for his skills and his impact on the Parkour community.

Apocryptix has the most successful Parkour YouTube channel, garnering over 35K subscribers, and is one of the few players that had achieved the Archon rank in-game. He uploads various gaming videos (most of which are ROBLOX based) including, but not limited to: Arsenal, Fishing Simulator, Skyblock, GTA: V, Dungeon Quest, Mad City, etc.

Having said that, the alias Apocryptix holds a lot of notoriety as we previously knew him to be toxic and impetuous outside of his YT channel, regularly abusing his given Admin and fame to torture other people. This gave him the name and emote of "Clowncryptix" by others because of his somehow untouchable status.

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