Zipline is a gear in a game where it allows you to put ziplines anywhere on your cursor.

  • During a time-trial, you cannot put ziplines anywhere on the map. If you try to use a custom zipline, the game will print "Cannot use this in a time trial!"

    Zipline in-game.

Unlocked at level 15, press X on the ground to place down the first pole, which should then place a transparent pole to where to placed it. Then, click on another spot to place down the other pole. A line connecting the two poles should now be solid, with the poles being solid as well. To remove a Zipline, the player must hover their cursor over a previously placed Zipline they placed and press X. The poles and line will disappear after a brief tick.

You can identify custom ziplines by their black poles. Ziplines that were originally in the map have a gray pole, and only these ziplines can be used on Time Trials.

if you want to do long distance jumps to place a zipline it is recommended to have a friend with you to serve as a boost to the other side.

Anybody can use a zipline that was placed by another player. You can use this to your advantage when doing parkour along side an inexperienced player or friend. If there's a gap that they aren't skilled enough to jump across, you can place a zipline leading to the other side, and they can use that instead of jumping. If the other side is slightly higher, you can try to use a Spring from a Spring Kit that is placed near the zipline. Run and springboard off of the Spring, then grab the zipline while you are falling, and use the momentum to make it to the other side.

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